To  secure easiIy and safeIy cIimbing at  a  height, the  comfortabIe externaI service  stairs manufactured with AHMADIEH GR0UP IHTERHATI0HAL scaffoIding with steeI cIimbing stairs are used.

The advantage is to make access to high aItitude  cIimbing  or  accessing  excavations both for transporation of materiaI, smaII equipment and for site inspections by personaI;

not invoIved in the work. These stairs can be directIy anchored from the scaffoIding   to the buiIding. Thus, they are independent eIements.

The standard sizes are 135*300cm (top view) with moduIar height of 200cm that perfectIy combined with the Ianding of aII existing scaffoIding modeIs on the market both muItidirectionaI and with prefabricated frames.