Frame Propping is extremely rapid system for concrete casting floor slabs; especially recommended for remarkable heights and Roads.

The size of the module is variable depending on the capacity and on the height of the casting to guarantee

The system ensures the option of combining modules of different sizes.

The absence of the additional processes optimizes the site Logistics; and enables the creation of uniform surfaces.

Greater capacities are possible by increasing the number of frames.

field of use I application:

–  Bridges and viaducts

– Thick floors

– horizontal structures of significant height

– residential and industrial buildings

Very high productivity on site; therefore the maximum time saving Very simple system to assemble

High Road performance


The modular of elements and adjustment could be made by using a screw jack and fork; or mechanism and inner tube with a U head.

Advantages of the System:

– Weekly cycles can be organized to cover even Large surfaces

– The system ensures the fastest possible installation time and Lower costs

– The safety of the operators is guaranteed