The Mission Statment of Ahmadieh Group is :”Specialized To Perfection-& we’ll deliver both!”

However, this is not simply a motto -as we thrive, through experience gained on sites & spanning over twenty years -to give the optimal service, the superior quality, and the industry-standard manufacturing techniques.

Five thousand accomplished projects are the outcome of that philosophy, as well as three thousand satisfied customers, turned partners whose trust we have earned. From all parts of the world; Paris,Madrid,Varna.. we have proudly rececived the highest satisfaction rates that are our ultimate goals. This could not have been achived without our legendary dedication and attention to every detail of the process, to culminate in 3 guarantees that can be expected by each customer:

  • Swift, efficient production
  • Rapid, delivery of Scaffolding to sites
  • Immediate answers & solutions to all technical queries by our esteemed clientele

Our real achievement and pride is our success in a professional domain we appreciate & master,and a vision we now share with every customer:let us buikd together!